10001 Cats have escaped from Wonderland, and are looking for an adopter to take care of them in the metaverse.

Remember they are still from a gang... be careful.

Rarities will be revealed after soldout

Left Hand Object8
Body Colour28
Shadows and Spots36
Right Hand Object16
Hanging Hand Accessory6
Head Accessory14
Ultra Rare Accessory3

Contract: 0x053281ce1da15023d19aacc843cec96b78e4d2ce



We will airdrop 10 Cat NFTs to 10 random holders listed. The snapshot will be taking place once we get to 25% minted, so if you sell your cat before you wont get a reward!


We will donate 4eth of the earnings to a local Cat Shelter we already partnered with to take care of the abandoned and abused cats.

Airdrop 20 Cat NFTs to 10 random holders.


Creation of CCG Token which will be rewarded to holders, and will let you exchange it for new gen2 CCGs and CCG t-shirts!


Cute Cat Gang gen2 - Breeding system, with new cats, animations and much more!

A Big Surprise. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should i buy a Cute Gang Cat?

First, because they are adorable, second because they take care of you from another gang, third because they are up for adoption and need parents and lastly, because we will be ​​growing the community and adding different features like breeding and airdrops to holders in the future.

When does official minting start?

Monday 20th of September, at 15hs UTC.

How does the minting work?

You click on connect wallet, choose your wallet of preference, and after that you just click mint, it costs 0.042

When and Where can i see my Cute Cat Gang NFTs?

They will all be revealed after minting, you will also be able to see it at Opensea.

How rare is mew cat, how do i put value to it?

You can see just above the FAQ section a list of trait rarities, but we will also put the gang on Rarity Sniper Discord, if you get a cat with rare parts it will be mewxpensive.

When you launch Breeding, will my cat lose exclusivity?

No, after introducing the breeding system, you will have an even more exclusive cat, since some of their features wont be available for Gen 2 of the Cats Gang.